How to prune orange trees

Pruning orange trees is an essential task to ensure their health and productivity. With proper care, you can ensure that your tree produces delicious oranges season after season. In this guide, from Cocalni we will give you practical advice on when and how to prune orange trees to get the best results.

When to prune orange trees

The optimum time to prune your orange tree is just after the harvest season, in early spring or early summer. Pruning during this period allows the tree to recover its activity after the harvest, minimising the loss of sap and favouring a quick healing of the pruning wounds. It is important to avoid pruning during frost and flowering periods, as this can negatively affect orange production.

How to prune orange trees

Before you start pruning, make sure you have the right tools at your disposal. For thin branches, a pair of hand shears will suffice, while for thicker branches you will need two-handed shears or even a chainsaw for larger branches. During pruning, consider two main aspects: the general shape of the tree and the main branches. Remove branches that deviate from the natural shape of the tree and those that grow horizontally or deviate from the desired structure. To improve the quality and quantity of the crop, carry out production pruning, which involves thinning the branches to allow sunlight to penetrate inside the tree. Do not forget to cut the branches located at the bottom of the tree to direct the energy towards the strongest parts and optimise the orange tree's yield.

By following these tips on when and how to prune your orange tree, you will ensure healthy growth and a bountiful harvest.