Citrus Forum 2024

Citrus Forum: more than 1,650 registered professionals consolidate it as the main citrus event in Europe

The citrus world met once again at the most recent edition of the Citrus Forum, held in Valencia and broadcast online. This event, organised by Agromarketing EspañaThe event has exceeded all expectations with the participation of more than 1,650 professionals from more than fifteen different countries, among which we were also Cocalni. What makes the Citrus Forum so special and what highlights emerged during this edition?

A first-class technical programme

One of the reasons why the Citrus Forum stands out from other similar events is its world-class technical programme. During the event, more than 55 international experts presented the latest developments and trends in the citrus sector. This not only gave attendees the opportunity to learn from the best, but also fostered global collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Innovation and recognition

At this year's Citrus Forum, the first Citrus Innovation Awards were introduced to recognise technological innovation projects in the citrus sector. Companies such as Denodl and Apolo Biotech, together with the Citriaforo operating group, were nominated for this prestigious award. The startup Denodl won the award thanks to its revolutionary product, Hydroball®, designed to optimise irrigation in citrus crops.

Key partnerships

The success of the Citrus Forum is also due to the collaboration of leading companies in the citrus sector, as well as academic institutions and relevant organisations. The presence and support of companies such as Plymag, Bayer, Nufarm, as well as the collaboration of Anecoop and many other entities, demonstrate the industry's commitment to innovation and progress in the citrus sector.

Final conclusions

The Citrus Forum has once again proven to be the most important event in the world of citrus in Europe. With record attendance, an exceptional technical programme, recognition of innovation and key partnerships, this event continues to be the essential meeting place for industry professionals and companies. We look forward to seeing what the next edition of the Citrus Forum will bring and how it will continue to contribute to the advancement of the citrus industry.