asamblea junio 24 Cocalni 1

Cocalni Extraordinary General Assembly

Last Friday, 14 June, the Extraordinary General Assembly of Cocalni, where various issues of great importance for our cooperative were discussed. The meeting went smoothly and was well attended by the members.

During the assembly, the following key points were discussed:

  1. Campaign information / Settlement: Very good results of the last campaign were presented, including a detailed liquidation report.
  2. Standards for the 2024/2025 campaign: The new rules governing the next campaign were approved. These rules are designed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our operations.
  3. Adoption of the Operational Programme 2025-2029: One of the most important points was the approval of the Operational Programme for the period 2025-2029. This strategic plan aims to strengthen competitiveness and innovation within our cooperative.

All agenda items were unanimously approved, reflecting the commitment and cohesion of our members. The assembly concluded in an atmosphere of collaboration and optimism for the future.

We thank all participants for their attendance and valuable contribution. We continue to work together for the success of Cocalni.