PortCastelló elimina bonificaciones a importaciones de cítricos

PortCastelló eliminates citrus import subsidies: Boosting the sector's competitiveness

On 26 June, we learned of this news, of which we would like to give you a brief summary.

PortCastelló has decided to eliminate citrus fruit import subsidies from next year, thus fulfilling a crucial commitment to the region's agricultural organisations. This measure, announced by the president of the Port Authority, Rubén Ibáñez, underlines a strategic change aimed at favouring exports and strengthening the port's competitive position in the international market.

Commitment to the citrus sector

The decision to abolish citrus import subsidies comes in response to concerns expressed by local growers about imports from third countries. Rubén Ibáñez, in a meeting with representatives of the Unió de Llauradors i Ramaders and AVA-ASAJA, stressed the importance of this measure to support the local citrus sector.

Impact on the port and the province

The initiative not only reflects a gesture of compliance and support towards agricultural entities, but also projects PortCastelló as an actor committed to regional economic development. Maintaining the 40% bonus for citrus fruit exports is a further demonstration of the port's strategic focus on promoting sales abroad.

Opinions and reactions

Representatives of the agricultural associations have assessed the measure positively, highlighting its potential to align the interests of the port with those of the local agricultural sector. Carles Peris, secretary general of the Unió de Llauradors i Ramaders, expressed his gratitude for the elimination of duties on imported citrus, noting that this positions Castellón as a leader in the defence of local producers.

Future perspectives

PortCastelló's commitment to remain a citrus exporting port seeks not only to reaffirm its historical legacy, but also to foster an environment conducive to business competitiveness in the region. The elimination of citrus import subsidies represents a significant step towards achieving these objectives.


PortCastelló's decision to eliminate citrus import subsidies reflects a strategic commitment to strengthen the local economy and favour the sustainable growth of the agricultural sector. This move not only responds to current market needs, but also positions the port as a key ally for regional and national development.

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