Cocalni Cooperativa Naranjas y otros cítricos

Cocalni: Much more than an Orange Cooperative in Castellón

In the town of Les Alqueries or Alquerías del Niño Perdido, in the province of Castellón, is located Cocalni, also with a presence in Vila-real. A citrus fruit cooperative that stands out for its commitment to quality and excellence. With more than 900 members and a team of more than 650 workers, Cocalni has established itself as one of the leading cooperatives in the sector. But what makes Cocalni special? Today we take a closer look at our identity, mission and the values that guide us.

Global commitment: Exporting quality from Castellón

At Cocalni, we not only produce oranges of the highest quality, but we also take them to global markets. We export our products to most European countries and also reach the United States, Canada, Asia and South America. Our export capability is a testament to the trust that our customers all over the world place in us. In addition, we are a Founding Member of ANECOOP, a second-tier cooperative that is the world's leading exporter and second largest trader of citrus fruits. This alliance allows us to expand our international presence.

What is Anecoop?

ANECOOP was born in 1975 when a group of Spanish citrus fruit cooperatives decided to join forces in order to broaden their offer, reach new markets and improve their negotiating possibilities with large-scale retail. This union gave rise to a ‘cooperative of cooperatives’, consolidating itself as the leading fruit and vegetable company in the Mediterranean. Anecoop is Spain's leading fruit and vegetable trader and one of the world's leading citrus fruit exporters. It is also the leading watermelon and kaki operator in Europe. This collaborative network has been fundamental to our growth and success, giving us access to resources and knowledge that strengthen our position in the market.

Mission and Values: The Heart of Cocalni

At Cocalni, our mission goes beyond the simple production of oranges. We are committed to innovation, sustainability and the welfare of our members and workers. As a cooperative in Castellón, we believe in a business model that not only seeks economic success, but also social and environmental development. We promote sustainable agricultural practices and work continuously to reduce our environmental impact. In addition, the welfare of our members and workers is a priority, ensuring fair working conditions and a safe and respectful working environment.


At Cocalni, we are proud of our roots in the province of Castellón and the community we have built up over the years. Our membership as founding partners of Anecoop has allowed us to expand our global presence and offer oranges and other citrus fruits that meet the highest quality standards. We remain committed to innovation and sustainability, ensuring that Cocalni remains a benchmark in the global citrus industry.

Through our dedication and effort, we continue to grow and bring the best of our oranges and citrus fruits to the whole world.