Today we are talking about the Orri mandarin variety.

The continued success of the Orri mandarin on the Spanish market, a variety that we work with in Cocalni, se atribuye a una combinación de factores que resaltan su calidad excepcional y su posición única en el mercado de los

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Protecting Citrus Crops from Fruit Flies

Ceratitis capitata

The fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) represents a significant threat to citrus in the Valencia region. Understanding its biology and control methods is essential to safeguard the crop. At Cocalni tenemos muy en cuenta esta plaga

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How to prune orange trees

Pruning orange trees is an essential task to ensure their health and productivity. With proper care, you can ensure that your tree produces delicious oranges season after season. In this guide, from Cocalni te proporcionaremos consejos

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