Producto Cooperativo 2024

Producto Cooperativo: A new way to identify quality

The "Producto Cooperativo" initiative, promoted by Agrifood Cooperatives, aims to make it easier for consumers to identify cooperative products in markets and supermarkets. This campaign has several key objectives:

  1. Recognition and Valuation of Cooperatives: Cooperative products with permission to use the brand will include on their packaging a graphic distinctive, a green seal indicating "Sabor auténtico de Campo" (Authentic Taste of the Countryside). This seal highlights the effort and quality of products from cooperatives.
  2. Combating Unfair Competition: The proposal also aims to combat unfair competition by implementing mirror clauses, which are considered in the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This responds to the growing consumer demand to know the origin of products and ensures traceability through the label.

The publicity campaign is designed to raise awareness of this new brand and it is hoped that products with the "Sabor auténtico de Campo" seal will begin to be marketed before the end of the year.