Navelate orange

Few orange varieties can compete with the lusciousness of the Navelate orange. This variety, known for its sweet taste and juicy texture, has earned a special place in the hearts of orange lovers all over the world.

What is Navelate orange?

The Navelate is a variety of the Navel orange, known for its characteristic ‘navel’ at the base of the fruit, which is actually a second developing fruit. Although this navel is less prominent in the Navelate compared to other Navel oranges, it is still a distinctive mark.

Characteristics of the Navelate Orange

The Navelate stands out for several reasons:

  1. Flavour and Texture: Navelate is known for its balanced and sweet taste, with a hint of acid that makes it particularly refreshing. Its flesh is juicy and has a fine texture, which makes it an excellent choice for direct consumption.
  2. Appearance: This orange has a thin, bright orange skin, which makes it attractive to the eye. The peel comes off relatively easily, making it easy to eat.
  3. AromaAroma: Its aroma is intense and fragrant, a characteristic that distinguishes it from other varieties of oranges.
  4. SeedsNavelate is usually virtually seed-free, which is a great advantage for those who prefer an uninterrupted consumption experience.

Collection Period

One of the particularities of the Navelate is its harvesting period, which is later compared to other varieties of Navel oranges. Generally, harvesting of the Navelate begins at the end of January and lasts until May. This extended period allows the fruit to develop its characteristic flavour and exceptional quality.

During the harvesting period, the Navelate reaches its optimum point of ripeness, which guarantees that each orange that reaches the consumer is at its best in terms of flavour and freshness.

The Navelate orange is a variety that combines a series of characteristics that make it stand out in the world of citrus fruits. Its sweet and juicy flavour, its visual appeal, and its late harvesting period make it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy high quality oranges throughout most of the year.

At Cocalni, we are proud to offer this citrus gem to our customers, always ensuring the best quality and freshness in every Navelate orange.