The role of women in agriculture

On International Women's Day, it is important to highlight the essential role that women play in the agricultural sector in Spain. Within this context, Cooperativa Cocalni is proud to commemorate the significant contribution of women to agriculture in general, to development and research (R&D) in the primary sector.

Women gaining ground in agricultural R&D

According to revealing data, women represent 23.9% of those employed in agriculture and fisheries in Spain. In the last two decades, we have witnessed a remarkable diversification of activities, with a significant increase in R&D roles and a growth in managerial positions.

Despite the loss of employment in the primary sector in general, R&D employment has flourished, and women have played a leading role in this growth. They account for 35.1% of R&D personnel in agriculture and fisheries, exceeding their share in the total economy (30.6%). This increase translates into a significant change in employment dynamics, evidencing the strong commitment of women to agricultural R&D.

More leadership for women in agriculture

Not only in technical roles, but also in leadership, women are making a difference. Between 2016 and 2020, female leadership on farms increased from 22.6% to 28.6%. The Valencian Community stands out, with a notable increase from 16.5% to 25.8%. Galicia and Asturias lead with an impressive 48% and 44.5% respectively. It is clear that women are playing an increasingly crucial role in farm management.

Much work to be done

At Cocalni, we recognise and celebrate the positive impact of women in agriculture and are committed to continue supporting gender equity at all levels of the primary sector. On this Women's Day, we pay tribute to all women who contribute to sustainable development and innovation in agriculture, creating a brighter and more equitable future for all.

la mujer en la agricultura