Today we are talking about the Orri mandarin variety.

The continued success of the Orri mandarin on the Spanish market, a variety that we work with in Cocalni, is attributed to a combination of factors that highlight its exceptional quality and unique position in the citrus market. Despite facing a context of oversupply of other imported varieties, even with royalties, Orri has maintained its price differential, being around 30 percent higher than the next most valued variety in the last three seasons. This market preference is based on its premium quality and long post-harvest shelf life, making it a desirable option for both consumers and growers.

Producers are satisfied with the Orri mandarin.

The testimonies of producers and experts support the excellence of the Orri, highlighting its good size, skin resistance, texture and exceptional flavour. Its productivity and market acceptance are attributes that distinguish it, together with its ease of peeling and balance between sweetness and acidity. Moreover, as a protected variety, it offers licensees exclusivity of exploitation without limiting the freedom of marketing, which adds value for both producers and operators.

The ORRi is not only appreciated for its quality

It is also appreciated for its contribution to the local economy and the promotion of sustainability. Its resistance to diseases such as Alternaria makes it an attractive option for farmers seeking to minimise risks. In addition, its pioneering role in innovation, from the development of mobile applications to the use of satellite technology for variety monitoring, demonstrates a continued commitment to improvement and sustainability in the citrus industry.

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