Clementine Hernandina

The Hernandina clementine is one of the most prized varieties of mandarin, known for its exceptional sweetness and ease of peeling. This citrus gem has gained popularity not only in local markets, but also internationally, and today we explore its characteristics and its close relationship with Cocalni, the cooperative that works tirelessly to bring this delicacy to your table.

Origins of the clementine Hernandina

The history of the Hernandina clementine dates back to the 1960s in the region of Comunidad Valenciana, Spain. It emerged as a spontaneous mutation of the Fina variety, being recognised for its superior quality and distinctive characteristics. It was named Hernandina in honour of its discoverer, and since then, it has been cultivated and perfected by passionate growers who have appreciated its value.

Characteristics of Hernandina

The Hernandina clementine is distinguished by its medium size, spherical shape and thin, deep orange skin. Its main attraction lies in its flavour: a natural sweetness that is balanced with a subtle hint of acidity, making every bite a refreshing experience. In addition, the Hernandina is known to be easy to peel, seedless, making it an ideal choice for eating at any time of the day.

Another remarkable aspect is its high juice content, which makes it perfect not only for direct consumption, but also for the production of fresh juices and other culinary products. The quality of the pulp and its citrus fragrance make it unmistakable and highly desired by consumers.

Harvest time

The Hernandina clementine is harvested during the winter months, especially from the end of December to February. This period is crucial, as the lower temperatures favour ripening and the development of the characteristic flavour of this variety. Growers carefully monitor the trees to ensure that the fruit is picked at the optimum point of ripeness, thus guaranteeing that each clementine retains its maximum quality and freshness.

Cocalni and Hernandina

At Cocalni, we are committed to excellence in citrus production. Our cooperative has adopted sustainable farming practices and advanced cultivation techniques to ensure that every Hernandina clementine that reaches our customers is of the highest quality. We collaborate closely with local growers, sharing knowledge and resources to constantly improve our growing methods.