Discovering the secrets of the orange

Oranges, juicy and colourful fruits, are the result of the natural magic found in sweet orange groves (Citrus sinensis). These trees, belonging to the genus Citrus of the Rutaceae family, have woven their history over millennia, from southeast China and northern Burma to the Mediterranean area where we find ourselves. More specifically in the province of Castellón. In this article we reveal some of the secrets of the orange.

Origin and journey through the Silk Roads

The history of the orange is as fascinating as its taste. Originating in southeast China and northern Burma, the orange has come a long way to reach our fields. About three thousand years ago, this fruit, known as the hesperid, began its journey along the Silk Road. From its homeland, it spread to Japan and India before reaching the West.

It was in the 10th century when the Arabs, skilful traders and connoisseurs of nature's riches, introduced the orange to southern Spain. However, it was not until 1450 that the sweet orange tree, the protagonist of our citrus groves, was fully known and appreciated in the region.

The dazzling orange colour and taste.

The name "orange" is not just a quirk of the language; it comes from the characteristic orange colour that adorns its ripe fruit. Although it is common to associate oranges with a sweet and refreshing taste, the reality is that their flavour ranges from bitter to sweeter notes, offering a diverse taste palette.

The peculiarity of oranges lies in their flesh, formed by numerous vesicles filled with juice, creating a unique sensory experience with every bite. Some varieties even maintain almost green tones even when ripe, defying the traditional expectation of their colour.

Cocalni: Harvesting stories in Castellón

Today, the province of Castellón is witnessing the evolution of the orange, thanks to agricultural cooperatives such as Cocalni. Founded with the purpose of caring for the land and providing high quality fruit, Cocalni has become a benchmark in citrus production.

The orange groves have become a symbol of the region, highlighting the importance of the orange in the local culture and economy. Passion for cultivation and respect for tradition are intertwined in each harvest, creating an indissoluble bond between the land and the producers.

Here you can download a fact sheet about the orangeThe report, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, is available on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.